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Temperature and pressure measuring instruments are used in all fields of power generation - from large-scale power plants (e.g. coal, gas, nuclear, hydro power) and peak-load electricity generation plants (e.g. gas turbine power plants) to decentralized systems (thermal power stations, wind power stations, biogas plants). At the same time measuring technology has to meet requirements which are as diverse as its application fields.

Our Strengths

With our worldwide large standard product range of pressure and temperature measurement & calibration instruments and an exemplary customer-oriented service we offer our customers a suitable solution for every measurement task. In close cooperation with development departments of our business partners, special instrument versions are developed that can confidently meet required measuring criteria even under extreme conditions.


  • Turbine efficiency testing
  • Calibration of plant wide pressure sensors
  • Monitoring and testing of positive pressure control rooms.
  • Exhaust gas systems
  • Compressors

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